We want the best for your teeth. That's why we've put together some information about your visit to our clinic, preventative care and other dentistry issues.

Recommend a friend or family member

We would be honoured if you would recommend a friend or family member to us and we will take personal care of each and everyone of them just like we do for you.

Practice Plan Membership Scheme

Why not join our monthly membership scheme and start saving today. 


For £14.30 a month you will receive two examinations and two hygiene appointments within the year. You will also receive free x rays and 20% off routine dental treatment. In addition to all these benefits you will be entitled to 10% off any sundries and be covered by the practice plan emergency assistance scheme.

Children's Practice Plan Membership Scheme

Not only do we have a membership plan for adults, we have one for children too.


Looking after children's teeth as they grow up is very important to us so we can identify and problems early on. For £5.04 a month your child will receive two examinations a year. If they do need any treatment you will receive 50% off the cost of it. 


We will also give your children free oral hygiene advice to make sure they are cleaning their teeth properly to try and rule out any problems arising.

Membership and Assistance Scheme


If you only want to visit us once a year then we have just the plan for you. For £5.77 a month you will receive the same benefits of emergency assistance scheme as the full plan and you will be entitled to an examination a year. If you do need any treatment you will receive 10% off the cost of it.

Any further questions?

Call us on 01642 566615 or contact us directly using the contact form.

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