Extraction Before and After Care


What should I do before my extraction?? We highly recommend you have a meal before an extraction. Coming in with an empty stomach and having an extraction can make you feel dizzy or light headed and it is not a nice feeling to go through.


 A lot of patients can be nervous about having a tooth removed and tend to panic, if you are feeling nervous about the treatment please let us know and we will do everything we can to put your mind at ease and make it as comfortable as we can for you.


During the extraction Relax! Now we know this is easier said than done. The last thing we want to do is put you through any pain or discomfort and if you relax it makes it easier for us to get to the tooth and remove it easily with minimal trauma to you or the surrounding tissues.


We can explain every step of the extraction to you as we go if this is what you would prefer or you can tell us to shut up!! Of course if you have any musical requests that may relax you then just ask and we can play them to you to take your mind off the extraction.


What should I do the day of my extraction?? As it is the blood clot that speeds the healing we recommend you do not have anything to drink for a couple of hours after the extraction as this can disturb the blood clot. Also bear in mind you have had an anaesthetic so your tongue or mouth may be numb, so be careful not to bite them as you will not know until you get the feeling back then it may be quite sore.


If the socket does begin bleeding don’t worry, roll up a clean cotton handkerchief and place in your mouth and bite on it for 5-10 minutes. This should stop the bleeding and allow the blood clot to form again. If the bleeding does not stop after a few hours then contact us.


It is normal to feel some discomfort after an extraction so you may feel the need to take some painkillers. We suggest you do not take aspirin as this will cause the blood to thin and the socket may begin bleeding.


Do not smoke after the extraction as the socket will not heal and can cause more problems such as a dry socket which can be painful.


Avoid exercise for the rest of the day as this can cause the socket to bleed again and you will take longer to heal.


Brush your teeth as normal.



What should I do from tomorrow?? From tomorrow rinse with a salt water mouthwash. Take a teaspoonful of salt mixed with as warm as you can bear water and rinse gently. This will help keep the socket clean. We recommend you do this for several days in particular after meals and before you go to bed.


Some swelling or discomfort can be normal for the first couple of days but if there is no improvement then contact us.


If you follow the above advice then you should heal normally and be fine but if you have any worries after your extraction or something does not seem right to you then give us a ring.

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