No matter what sport you play, a mouth guard is the safest option to prevent any damage to your teeth or jaw.


Without a mouth guard a blow to the face can send shockwaves through the skull and can cause a fracture to the teeth or damage to the TMJ (Temporo Mandibular Joint). The mouth guard will act like a shock absorber spreading the force over a larger area.


An impression is taken so that the mouth guard is personal to each person in shape and design. There are many colours and patterns available.


A growing child will normally need a new mouth guard once a year. Older children and adults should replace theirs when they become worn. A mouth guard can still be worn if you have braces on or have teeth missing.


A personalised mouth guard is a much better option as it will stay in place better and protect the teeth and jaw.


Mouth guards should not be stored neared heat or direct sunlight.