We believe this is a very important part of your care and needs to be as individual as you are. Our aim as a practice is to provide you with all the information you need to make a decision on your treatment. At each visit we will conduct a thorough examination, answer any questions or concerns you may have and give you a full breakdown of costs and options available to you. One of the most important aspects of what we do is to listen to you as a patient. Obviously we are interested in your teeth but there is so much more to consider. Each of us is unique and your examination needs to reflect your needs.

During the examination we will do a comprehensive assessment which will include the following;

  • What you like and don’t like regarding your teeth and smile
  • Your medical history and the effects it can have on your dental health
  • Assessing your TMJ (jaw joint)
  • Checking your neck, lips and face
  •  Checking your muscles, glands and lymph nodes
  •  Checking your tongue, palate, floor of mouth and soft tissues within your mouth
  • Oral cancer checks
  • Assessing your current fillings, crowns etc.
  • Checking your teeth for decay, wear or any problems arising
  • Checking your gums for bleeding, recession or any problems arising
  • Checking for bone loss
  • Assessing your occlusion – the way you bite
  • Going over your current oral hygiene routine and advise you on any easier techniques
  • Taking x rays, photographs and study models when necessary
  • Using specialist equipment – Diagnodent, JVA and T-scan when necessary


Some examinations take a few minutes to chat and be examined; others can be so complex that even an hour may not be enough to get to the heart of all problems.



A first consultation is typically 30 minutes long so we can both eye each other up and see if we are both happy.  Finding a new dentist can be a very daunting occasion and we feel that the patient-dentist relationship is incredibly important. Both parties have to be at ease with each other and we believe that chemistry is one of the most important aspects of your care.


During your initial consultation the dental nurse/treatment co-ordinator will be present.  They, along with the dentist, will put together a charting of your teeth and a treatment plan if any treatment is needed. The treatment plan provides you with the treatment options available and the costs. You will be given a copy to take home with you to help you make an informed decision on what course of treatment is best for you.


Of course if you have any questions on the options available to you then feel free to talk to the treatment co-ordinator who can explain everything to you and even provide you with a treatment presentation if you wish. The treatment presentation is a PowerPoint showing you why the treatment is needed and what options are available to you. This can be e-mailed to you or put on to a disc so you have your own personal copy. Each PowerPoint is personal to the patient it is designed for.


Once you are happy with your treatment plan and any treatments you may need we can go ahead and book the appointments in at a time that suits you. Please let us know of any deadlines you may have, for example, if you are having cosmetic treatment and you would like it done in time for a wedding or special occasion.



A routine examination is typically fifteen minutes, but again will vary dependent on your needs as a patient. If you are having any problems or are concerned about your oral health please let us know when booking your routine examination and we can tailor an appointment to suit you. It is also important that you bring with you a current list of any medication you are taking as this could influence treatment or any medication we may need to prescribe for you.


If any treatment is advised at a routine examination we will also provide you with a personal treatment plan outlining the options available to you. The dentist, dental nurse or treatment co-ordinator is also available to answer any questions or concerns you have and help you make an informed decision.

Our dental practice is regulated by the GDC

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