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Keeping your denture clean


Why is cleaning my denture important?? Dentures can collect bits of food, plaque and calculus (hardened plaque), just like natural teeth can. By keeping them clean you can prevent bad breath, gum disease, decay of your natural teeth where the denture meets them and the lining of your mouth becoming sore and swollen.


How do I look after my denture?? Whenever you are going to clean your denture make sure you do it over a basin or bowl with water in so that if you drop your denture it will not crack or break.


You need to clean your denture daily by brushing it inside and out with a toothbrush or nailbrush and toothpaste or soap and water. Use a soft to medium toothbrush or a brush specifically designed for dentures. Rinse the denture after you have brushed it.


There are many denture soaking solutions on the market that you may find useful, however these do not clean the denture you will still need to brush the denture and rinse once you have removed it from the solution.


We recommend you take your denture out at night to let your mouth rest and allow the air to circulate around your tissues.


When you are not wearing your denture you keep it moist either in water or a denture soaking solution.


What are the benefits of cleaning my denture?? If you keep your denture clean you can prevent bad breath, keep your gums and remaining teeth healthy and prevent decay.


Denture wearers can sometimes suffer from an infection called oral thrush. This is more likely to occur if you wear your denture all the time and do not clean it.


As long as you have good denture hygiene you should not suffer from problems with your denture. However, if anything concerns you or you have and questions please make an appointment and come and see us.

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