Our range of treatments

From preventative care to tooth replacement: we offer the entire range of modern dentistry services to keep your teeth healthy and beautiful throughout your life. Here's a quick look at the types of treatments we provide.

Our treatments


What do we look for when we see you for your examination. See more

Prevention: keeping teeth healthy

We recognise and treat problems such as cavities in plenty of time. You'll always have a happy smile. See more

Periodontal treatment: looking after the condition of your teeth

We treat any inflammation in your gums to maintain the condition of the supportive tissue around your teeth. See more

Temporo Mandibular Joint

We believe that the health of your temporo mandibular joint plays a big part in your overall wellbeing. See more

Restorative Dentistry

Whether you have broken a tooth or you have suffered from decay we can help restore your teeth back to before to give you ideal function. See more

Cosmetic Dentistry

We believe everybody deserves a smile to be proud of and there is lots we can do to improve your smile and give you your confidence back. See more

Tooth Whitening

Whether it is for a special occassion or just to give you confidence, we offer tooth whitening to help you achieve the smile you want. See more



Whether you have one tooth out of line, upper or lower crowding or just want a wider smile, moving your teeth will give you a smile to be proud of. See more


Although we will do everything we can to save your teeth, sometimes we have no option but to lose a tooth. See more


No matter what sport you play we can provide you with a specialised mouthguard. See more


All the tips, hints and information you will need for a healthy mouth. See more

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