Ten reasons to join our practice


1)      You get an opportunity to hear about your own teeth possibly in a way that has never been done before. Our years of experience allow us to comment not only on what we see now but also on what happened in the past and more importantly where you are going in the future. We believe this way of teaching you is refreshingly different!


2)      Many people think dentists only look at teeth but we have a more holistic approach.  We are concerned over a range of issues that can affect you .Not just teeth, but gums, your jaw joints, nutrition, sleep issues, migraines, headaches, tooth grinding, snoring for both you and your partner. These are just a few of the things that crop up regularly.


3)      We have referral pathways to all sorts of associated health workers as we are concerned with anything that may affect the teeth or teeth affecting other parts of the body; in areas you may not have considered to be associated before.


4)      We are all unique individuals so we will treat you as such and come up with solutions that answer your needs. You will not be treated the same as everyone else because you are not the same. We will however endeavour to offer high standards to everyone and we aim be as different as you are.


5)      We are deliberately a small practice and so offer the highest levels of care to only a select number of patients.


6)      The relationships we build with our patients are dependent on trust and a sign of our success is that most patients have been seeing us for many years.


7)      Most patients see us within a practice plan scheme – often starting at £11.73 per month, why? Because it often saves them a lot of money – it is that simple.


8)      We believe in education so all aspects of your care will be explained to you in ways you can understand. in as much or as little detail as you want to know.


9)      We have your interests at heart. Do not think all private dentistry is the same.

 Experience the difference for yourself.


10)   Our caring and knowledgeable team wants to see you as much as Mr Zaranko does. Be assured of a warm and friendly welcome at all times.



Belasis Dental Practice

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